How to Change Default WordPress Login Page Logo?

WordPress automatically includes its own logo on the admin login page. You can change the WordPress Login logo if you want or let it be. It won’t be a big concern if you use it alone or with only one or two other individuals. WP Adminify comes with a WordPress Login customizer to help you personalize your wp-login.php page. Not only this, but you can easily create custom WordPress Dashboard using this plugin.

However, you must replace the standard WordPress logo with your own if you operate an e-commerce website, a membership website, or any other website that may generate revenue and requires promotion. It may significantly aid in improving brand recognition and identification.

When your website features a log-in page for visitors or customers, several problems might arise. You see, a unique logo for your log-in page that includes your company name or logo may aid in building brand awareness.

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    Customers will remember your website more frequently the more often they see your logo. Sharing it with your users, subscribers, or even simply your team members may boost user satisfaction and exposure.

    Today, we’ll talk about using Adminify to quickly change the WordPress login logo. Just simple steps, no more HTML or CSS nonsense, or additional code.

    Change Default WordPress Login Logo

    With Adminify, changing the WordPress Login logo is simple. However, you must first prepare your customized logo and submit it to your server. When your logo is complete, just install Adminify and begin making changes right away.

    WordPress offers a variety of choices for changing the login logo, but doing so requires writing a lot of code and running a lot of other files. The simplest method for using other benefits is through Adminify. Here is how to do it:

    Install & Activate Adminify

    Installation is simple, if you First download WP Adminify updated version from your Account. You will get the zip version of WP Adminify plugin. Just navigate to your Dashboard> Plugins > Add New> Upload WP and install the Plugin. Remember to activate it after installation.

    WP Adminify Plugin Installation and Activation

    After activating Adminify go to “Login Customizer” from the side menu. There you will find many options to customize your Login logo, even the whole interface. Let’s see how to change WordPress login page logo first. 

    Login Customizer Option in WP Adminify

    Change Login Page logo using WP Adminify

    You may choose to include a logo or just your company name in letters from the logo option. Both the logo and text alternatives are available for selection. You can also upload your logo or the link to your logo from the options. From this option, you can modify the length of the logo and add the title of your log-in page. After finishing your modification, don’t forget to save or publish

    Other Login Customizer Options

    There are many options like buttons, log-in form fields, error messages, and others to help you customize the login page more specifically. You can use Google fonts for standardization & if you are good at custom CSS or JS then you can also add custom CSS or JS code to customize the login interface.
    WordPress login page customizer options panel

    Login Page Templates: There are several templates to use. Using them you can design your admin access page just the way you like. Just choose your template and publish it. That’s all.

    Login Page Background: You can include a picture or video in the background that will be shown. You may also just alter the hue. Select slideshow to display several photographs sequentially if you wish to upload more than one. There are options for alignment and how the background will be displayed. Last but not least, you may apply an overlay color to your background to make it more stunning.

    Different Login Page Layout: You may select the horizontal and vertical alignments from the layout option. You may divide the screen in half and personalize one half while adding some commercial messages to the other. Customization options exist for the side background. Whether to repeat or make it fixed or change the color or cover.

    Login Form Customization: You may alter the background, the height and width of the layout, the padding and margins, the border, the border radius, the colors, and whether or not you want the login form to blur.

    Don’t forget to save and publish all the editings, or else all your efforts will go in vain.

    Change WordPress login page logo without Plugin

    You maybe wondering if there is a simple way to change WordPress Login page logo via coding? Yes there is a way. If you have the basic knowledge of WordPress Theme file structure, then you can do it. All you have to do is, copy the following code in your code editor. 

    					/*Set Logo to login page*/
    function adminify_login_logo_change() { 
    ?><style type="text/css">body.login div#login h1 a {
    background-image: url(http://adminify.local/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/adminify_logo.png); 
    padding-bottom: 30px; 
    } add_action( 'login_enqueue_scripts', 'adminify_login_logo_change' );

    Then copy your logo image URL and replace with the URL on background-image property. That’s enough to change your WordPress login page logo without plugin.

    Is It Necessary to Change WordPress Login Logo?

    According to studies, people retain 80% of what they see. Top brands and marketers utilize this as one of their greatest marketing strategies.

    This custom login page logo is a powerful representation of the company and is quickly recognized by the majority of people. Visitors will often have expectations of a particular degree of quality if they can recognize your brand on a product or piece of information, therefore it’s critical to meet those expectations.

    Adminify offers you a wide range of alternatives to enhance your logo and make it more memorable in the minds of all users. You can adjust every aspect of your login experience thanks to the abundance of modification options. You might choose to use unpleasant plugins or lengthy custom scripts at this point or choose Adminify for a one-stop solution.

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