Disable Comments in WordPress Website

Disable Comments is a useful module which can be used by blog or site admins to disable comments on certain post, pages, post types, and attachments.

Disable Comments for Post type

Disable Comments For Post Types

Disable comments module simplify commenting on your site by giving you complete control over where you like to keep comments or remove comments. This module allows you to instantly allow or disallow comments from any post type in WordPress.

Remove Existing Comments

If you like to hide all existing comments then it’s possible here. All comments will be hidden from front-end posts, pages, or post types. If you like to enable these comments again in the future, then just disable the hide existing comments option.

Hide Existing Comments in WordPress
Disable Comments Menu in WordPress

Disable Comments Menu in WordPress

You have the access to hide the comments menu, Widget, Discussion from the WordPress Dashboard area. As you are disabling all comments, it’s not necessary to keep these options inside your Dashboard.

Remove URL Field From WordPress

Spammer always loves this URL field. If you want only real comments then you should enable this feature. It will remove the Website URL field from your comment form.

Remove Website URL field in Comment Form
remove comment text area link

Remove Link from Comments

Replace external links in comments to JavaScript form to avoid spam. The links will work in the same way but via JS. It will not count as a backlink.

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