Customize WordPress Login Page

Login Page Customizer by WP Adminify is a simple yet powerful module that helps you customize your login page with ease. It supports the Live Customizer feature and you can verify that all changes have been made correctly.

pre built WordPress login page template

16 Pre-Built WordPress Login Page Templates

Get a head start with these pre-built WordPress Login Page Templates. They are completely customizable and can enhance the beauty of your default WordPress login page.

Custom WordPress Login Page Background

Customizing the WordPress Login Page Background is simple with the WP Adminify plugin. This plugin allows you to change your site’s login page background either by uploading an image or by setting a color, or video and slideshow.

wordpress custom login page backgroud
Customize Logo on WordPress Login Page

Customize Logo on WordPress Login Page

Customizing your WordPress Login Page with a logo is not as challenging as you may think. WP Adminify Login customizer module allow you to upload any image or logo and use it as your WordPress login page logo.

Multi Column & Skew Background

You can divide your login page into two column and align the position for your login form. Also there is a an option for skew background. You can use it to make your background skewed and make it more attractive.

wordpress login page skew background

Login Form Fields Customization

When you build a website with WordPress and allow users to login, it is likely that you’ll want to customize the Login Form Fields. It enhance the usability for your website. WP Adminify allows you to change the login form fields style and content.

Change WordPress Login Error Message Easily

It’s better to change your default WordPress login error message. Imagine someone has an idea of what username is your admin. When he tries to input the username with wrong password, it shows an error “The password you entered for the “username” is incorrect.” It means the username is right. In that case you should customize your error message for better safety.

Modify WordPress Login Page Error messages
Google Font for WordPress login page

Google Font's Support

Google Fonts is a free service by Google that will allow you to find and use free fonts on a website. But using Google Fonts in WordPress login page is a unique idea. Proper Google fonts use can beautify your entire login page typography.

Custom Login Page Button Customization

WordPress login page Button Customization by WP Adminify is one of the most important functions to customize it according to your needs. You can control margin, padding, background color, text color, hover color using this module.

WordPress login page button customization

Custom CSS and JS for WordPress Login Page

Custom CSS and JS are the best thing to happen to WordPress Websites. These few lines of code can make your WordPress site look unique. A coder can create custom CSS and JS to implement their own design for the login page.

Custom WordPress Login Page Tweaks

Tweaks are always awesome. It may seem a small issue but can enhance total beauty. In this tweaks option, you can disable shake, hide remember me, and hide back to website option from your login page.

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