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Custom Sidebar by WP Adminify only works in the classic widgets that is available before WordPress 5.8 version. If you still want to use Custom Sidebar then make sure you have installed the official Classic Widgets plugin by automatic. Once you active the classic widget plugin, you are ready to go with Custom Sidebar.

Custom Sidebars are a great way to personalize your WordPress site. If you want to add features like social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), advertisements, or other custom content, this is the perfect dynamic method for you.

Custom Sidebars have been designed to be very easy to use and were built to make life easier for developers. It also has an easy-to-use backend that doesn’t require any kind of coding knowledge.

Usage of WordPress Custom Sidebar?

Custom Sidebar can be wisely used in various ways. If you manage your Website header, Footer, Sidebar via widgets – then you must need a few sidebar. Which is not possible without coding. But if you are not a professional developer then you can create as many sidebar as you need using this custom sidebar module.

For Example, if you run any event and showcase them inside your sidebar, then you can ready on time event showcase and expired event showcase in different sidebar. When your event will be finished, you have to just switch the sidebar, that’s it.

Add a Custom Sidebar in WordPress

First of all, navigate to WP adminify modules menu and enable Custom Sidebar. Then You can easily access to custom sidebars option by following the navigation below. 

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to WP Adminify>Sidebar Generator

If you have navigated to Sidebar Generator. You will see  a button called “Add New Sidebar“. Just click on the button and you will see two fields called “Sidebar Name” and “Sidebar description“. 

Sidebar name: Input your sidebar name here. It will be the title for your sidebar.

Sidebar Description: You can write down a little description regarding your sidebar, it will help others to know more about your sidebar. 

Custom WordPress Sidebar Generator

Adding Widgets to Custom Sidebar

If you have successfully created a custom sidebar then it’s time to add some widgets inside your new sidebar. Navigate to Appreance>Widgets, you will see your newly created sidebar there. Just drag and drop any widgets inside your sidebar and update it.

For example, I drag an image widget inside the sidebar and now can upload any image there. 

Adding widget inside Custom Sidebar

That’s how you are able to add a custom sidebar on WordPress. If you still have any questions regarding the custom sidebar in WordPress, you can get in touch with us

August 22, 2021
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