How to Change WordPress Login Page Error Message?

This feature is one of the module’s primary ones. It enables you to customize error messages meant to appear during registration, login, or forget attempts. It provides so many possibilities that creativity seems limitless with it.

WordPress login page customizer module by WP Adminify will help you to customize every login page error messages.

To modify those error messages shown on the login form, you have to follow the procedures below.

  • First, log in to the WordPress administration panel.
  • Hover on WP Adminify
  • Go to Login Customizer > Error Messages.

Username Error Messages: There are three types of username error messages. The first one is for putting an incorrect name, the second one is for an empty user name, and the third error will show for an already existing user name. You may customize all error messages.

Username error messages

Error Messages for Password: The same as with the username error messages. It displays three distinct error messages when a password is entered incorrectly, when a password is entered incorrectly, and when a password is entered incorrectly.

Password Error messages

Error Messages for Emails: Similar to the last one, this one supports three different sorts of errors. These include errors messages for Empty Emails, Invalid Emails, and Existing Email problems.

Email error messages
November 23, 2022
Login Customizer
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