Menu Editor and Admin Pages Issues

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    1. I have an issue with hiding submenu items for a certain role in some menus. For example I have two menu items called Listing Type and Listings. In Listing Type I can hide and show submenu items based on role. In Listings my changes will not stick. You can see a screen recording of the issue at

    In the menu editor I go to
    Listings > Submenu> Categories and choose Administrator in Hidden for Rules.
    I save the changes and can see that Administrator is still selected in Hidden for Rules.
    I refresh the page and Administrator is no longer showing in Hidden for Rules, and Categories remains displayed in the menu.

    2. Regarding Admin Pages – The video tutorial you have provided says that the Admin Page can be edited with Elementor but this option is not available to me.

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    Hi greg,
    Trying to explain things.
    1. As an Administrator you’ve or you should have super controls all over the Admin Panel.
    Suppose as an Administrator you blocked “Posts” menu and it will be blocked for you. Can you imagine the scenario ?
    Also, how many supports we’ve to give for that and customers will ask as a Super Admin I should see that but other Administrator will not see. It’s not possible actually.

    Solution: We didn’t block anything for Administrator but you can block specific User or Users who has the Administrative role. Which is much better solution also will work for your Customers because you don’t want to see the Menu for your Customer.

    2. For editing with Elementor, did you enable “Admin Pages” from “Elementor>Settings”?

    Hope you got your answers, please let me know if you need any other information.

    Note: We’ve pushed a huge update yesterday with lots of bug fixings and new features. I hope you’ll like those.


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