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CSS adjustments

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    Avatar of matt.vanderzalm
    Hi there,

    I’m enjoying playing around with Adminify. Nice work so far! I was surprised to come here and realize that it was so new. (I think I might even be the first post in your forum?)

    Anyhow, I find myself adjusting the CSS here and there, and I thought I’d make a few suggestions and a request.


    /* Increase logo text size in light mode to match dark mode */
    .wp-adminify .adminify-top_bar nav.adminify-top-navbar .navbar-brand .navbar-item .wp-adminify-site-name {
    font-size: 1.8em;

    /* Fix alignment of Theme panel button icon in post edit view */
    .edit-post-header__settings .components-button span {
    display: flex;
    (That last one was misaligned on the Blocksy theme.)

    My request is this: would you be willing to convert your colors to CSS custom properties? I would love to adjust the blue to be more in keeping with my clients’ brand and with other plugin buttons that don’t get overridden by the Adminify stylesheet. That would be so much easier if I could change a custom property (like --adminify-primary) to something else, rather than hunting down all of the color: #0347ff rules.

    I’m sure I’ll have other feature requests as I get into it. Is this the best place to submit those, or would you prefer I do so somewhere else?

    Thanks for listening. Good luck with your continued development!

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    Oh, not sure how, but I forgot a fairly big one.

    The .wp-adminify styles bleed into the block editor. For example, .wp-adminify p is changing the font size and color of most of my p tags in the editor.

    I’ll probably be turning Adminify off until that’s fixed.

    One more note before I do… you give the ability to change the menu type color, which is neat. But that setting overrides the color for both light and dark mode. This means that if I change the menu text to something like #000000 for extra contrast, the menu text disappears in dark mode.

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